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Platform: MacOS, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, W

Sale Collage Automation By making choice of collage type (article) & photos, will form a beautiful collage. Collage types like expanded collage, crop collage and fit collage, where each style comes with different attraction for the photos. Expand Fit Crop One click layout

  • Enjoy your collage making process with new collage layout on every click. One click layout modification with automatic angle and outlines management.
Ready templates
  • Ready templates for attractive collage making in no time. Templates for different orientations and styles.
Personalize Personalize collage with the handy decor section. Title and text
  • Write in your favorite catchy titles in any language, any font, decorate them with color or ready presets.
  • Have fun being creative with 30+ occasional cliparts given in software.
  • 150+ decors like background, mask, frame. Any Background, Clipart in standard format can be used directly.
Photo Editing Photo polishing to make them ready for admirable display.  
  • Color correction of photos to give it a fine touch. Manage RGB and brightness, contrast of the photo. More editing possibility with tools like curve and level and many more.
Output Output flexibility according to printing style. Print flexibility
  • Flexibility in output according to printers. Generate JPG and PDF output according to printer compatibility. JPG output in the specified color profile. One click mirror image creation for sublimation printing.
  • Share your best time memories with a collage directly on Facebook.
  • Different safe margin area according to the chosen surface type. The collage to be framed has wider safer area.

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