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Platform: MacOS, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, W

Sale Automatic Creation Album Xpress Provides 4 unique auto creation modes to suit different mood and style of album. Perfect Creation

  • Album Xpress reads your selected photos and surprise you with a Perfect album. What needs to be together is together. No photo cuts. Vertical remains vertical and horizontal remain horizontal.
Fine Tuning your perfection
  • Every click provides you different layout combination to match your perfection.
  Templated Creation
  • Choose from 2000+ ready to use templates for every page and Album Xpress will fit selected photos automatically. You are free to define page wise photos.
Auto Change Template
  • Prefer different template? Change template will help you to get template of your taste and style.
Story Creation
  • Save your signature style as story and use it in each of your album, your photos get into the story automatically.
Classic Creation
  • Old is always Gold, and here is mode to get your all photos in same size, border and Background.
Manual Creation Create your custom design; faster than ever with our smart tools. Easy Compositon
  • To ease your composition, tools like crop, zoom, pan, scale, rotate are provided onboard. These controls works on frame and in frame.
Advance Composition
  • To give you more control for composition, tools like ruler, margins, grid line, guideline, alignment, arrangement, 3D Rotation are provided.
  • 500+ decors like background, clipart, mask, frame. Any Background, Clipart in standard format can be used directly
Text & Title
  • Write in your favorite quotes / custom messages in any language, any font, decorate them with color or texture, shadow, outline etc.
Layer Mask *
  • Merging two or more photos together is really easy. 25+ artistic brushes help you merge it on single click
Photo Grid
  • Making custom layout composition is easy with photo grid. Scaling of grid and merging of cells make photo grid more resourceful, while breaking of grid gives you control over photos individually.
Photo Split
  • Make your photo more attractive by splitting it into different cells; each cell can have different properties giving wider room for your imagination.
Save Creation As Template *
  • Attractive Compositions made by you can be saved as template and can be reused.
Photo Editing Inbuilt robust photo editing tools makes Album Xpress truly standalone software. Basic
  • Color Correction, BCG, Curves and levels with individual color channels. Filters like opacity, blur, feather, shadow, Colorize, crop and rotate and artistic filters like mosaic, ripple, shift, splash, implode, swirl, illusion, 3D grid, Softlense, oil paint, sepia and charcoal drawing adds power for photo editing. To enhance this power, tool like history brush can be used in combination with these effects.
  • Advance Tools like Lasso, Chroma, touch up, highlighter and eraser are inbuilt.
Photoshop Connectivity * Album Xpress provides multi point connectivity with most popular editing tool Adobe Photoshop *.   Plugins
  • Standard plug ins used with Adobe Photoshop can be imported and used even in absence of Adobe Photoshop*. Available only in Windows version.
  • Download Free PSD to AX converter to convert existing Adobe Photoshop * templates to Album Xpress templates.
  • Any photo can be seamlessly edited with Adobe Photoshop * as editor.
  • Output of Album Xpress can be saved as PSD file with layers.
  Output Export your album in JPG with quality control and possibility of embedding profile.
  • You may also export your album as Low resolution PDF (for proofing), PDF, Layered PDF (For Correction at labs), PSD*, Choice (For Advance Viewing / Proofing).
Album Parameters Choose ready parameters or define your own. Ready Parameters
  • Use preconfigured album Parameters from your favorites renowned album companies, if your favorite album company is not listed, use our standard pre-configured album or get them listed.
Custom Parameters
  • You may define your album with parameters like page size, margins, cover size, cover type like cameo, dust jacket.
Resize Album
  • Choose different parameters for your ready album and get them resized automatically to avoid re-creation of parent album or wrong selection of parameters.
Features marked * are available in PRO Version

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